Funny old world

I know someone who, as the saying goes, if he fell into shit, he’d come out smelling of roses.

A few years ago, he (+ 1 wife, +1 child) got a ‘great’ (cancellation) deal on a 4 bed detached family house with 1 parking space and no front garden. There’s no visitor parking apparently. Both him and his missus have cars so he’d normally just park on the grass verge opposite his house.

All seemed to be going well until his management company painted double yellow lines on the street outside his home. Well, you can guess what happened next. He got clamped outside his own house one night! So that was it, they were moving. He wasn’t going to put up with this shite no more. Anyway, all their friends had houses on 1/2 an acre in the ‘countryside’ (Rathoath) anyway.

Yesterday it was announced that the new Metro line to the Airport and Swords would effectively run past the front of his estate. Now his house is going to be worth megabucks. The metro line doesn’t mean anything to him personally since he’s got a 4×4. Turns out he won’t be moving afterall.

However, he’s just had a second baby. Once the ‘shock’ of that wears off, I suspect they’ll move upwardly mobile to rural Rathoath and rent out the original house. He works in a cash business (not drugs!) so it’ll all work out in the end.

It’s a funny old world, innit.

And yes, that is a floral bouquet bouncing off your nasal passage.

Devious putdown

A friend of mine said the most evil, devious, vicious, dismissive comment about a semi-public figure I’ve ever heard. It was a classic example of parish-pump politics. He said, ‘yer man will be attending 4 or 5 communions this year.’

For those who are non-religious/non-Catholics, it meant that he’d been shagging anything that moved and had fathered several children by several different women in a very short timespan.

Sometimes I’m ashamed to be Irish. Well, actually, sometimes I’m ashamed of the Irish…

Feile Na nDeise: Cúl Cheoil agus Cáirde

Last Saturday afternoon saw an hour or so of traditional Irish music, dancing and singing (Ceol, Rinnce agus Amhránaíocht) at the 2007 Feile Na nDeise. The band were young but they were pretty good and keep a good rhythm going. They were particularly strong when the guitarist was maintaining the tempo. He gets extra points for maintaining his composure when one of his guitar strings broke during one of the songs.

I’d be grateful if someone could tell me if they are a ‘proper’ group or whether they were ‘just‘ an ad hoc group for the day. I think they were based out of Ring (An Rinn).

There are three photo’s below. The first is a group shot of the band. The guitarist mentioned above is on the right-hand side. The second photo belongs to the best dancer of the show. She looks amazing (very composed and professional) and her footwork was so fast, my eyes couldn’t keep up! The third photo is a group shot of the dancers as they started their last set. It’s already been pointed out to me (on flickr) that the girl on the left looks like she’s being beamed up to the mothership!!

I’ll post more photo’s to my Feile Na nDeise set on flickr as time permits.

Feile Na Deise Band 002

Feile Na Deise Dancer A002

Feile Na Deise Dancers Group 001